To launch the product Biocidal, a powerful German sterilizing agent,we needed to develop a formula that would attract the attentionof purchasing managers or decision makers at hospitals, laboratories and research centers in Catalonia.

We wanted to highlight the true benefit of the product, something that can not be seen at a glance:

"100% effective sterilization".

Our aim was differentiating us from the typical photo ad where you can se
 a researcher on his lab coat cleaning the surface of a table.

Idea ​​​​​​​
Develop a powerful direct mailing advertisement to stimulate the curiosity of the decision makers and encourage them to discover more about the product. We designed an ad with bio-luminescent ink that clearly and creatively appealed to the need for researchers to ensure that their laboratory is 100% sterilized. And we present them with the claim: 

"Germs are not easily seen”.

In the light, the advertisement looks like is blank, but in darkness the true message is revealed.

A creative way to demonstrate that even if it looks clean it may not be 100% sterilized.

Aspid Awards for Ibero-American Health and Pharmacy Advertising

Silver - Product promotion integral campaign - BiocidalZF - Cymit Química

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